Spain can be a dangerous place to drive and Spain was once the third most dangerous to drive into the EU. However in the last four years , the Spanish government has increased the number of  on the road officials and introduced new laws to make the roads safer. Never the less , there is a long way to go because looking around every day , many laws are still just ignored by drivers

The obvious ones include using a mobile phone while at the wheel , riding a two-wheeler without a crash  helmet , and following the vehicle in front too closely . Any accident , whether or not it is your fault , is going to cost you time and money , and at the very least , spoil your visit to Malaga  Spain .

Too many of the deaths are reported to be pedestrians , so please remember the Golden rule when leaving a junction in a vehicle or crossing the road on foot . Look both ways twice and please make it a habit .Many of the UK  and irish pedestrians have been killed or injured because the person looked the wrong way once before steeping into the road or pulling out from an intersection .

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