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General Conditions

When collecting your vehicle at the airport it is vital that you supply us with the correct flight details. We use the provided flight details to check on delays; this way we can assure you that your vehicle will not be given to another client and we will meet you at the airport. Should you not be sure that the flight number you provided us with is correct then please check it and respond to this email with the correct flight number. In any case, should you have any changes to make to your booking please don´t hesitate in advising us by responding to this email. All bookings must include obligatorily a correct flight number. Please check all details before sending the form as any incorrect information will automatically make the booking void. The same applies for delivery in the train station in Malaga or the cruise terminal of the port of Malaga.

Collection at Malaga Airport:
After collecting your luggage at Malaga airport, PLEASE NEVER GO DOWNSTAIRS. After the sliding doors, you will find one of our representatives waiting with your name and Albacars.com Car Hire.sign who will identify himself as an employee of the company.
Collection at Malaga Train Station (Maria Zambrano):
After leaving the platform, go to the main exit of the station. Just outside the exit, you will find one of our representatives with your name and Albacars.com Car Hire.sign who will identify himself as an employee of the company.
Collection at the Cruise Terminal at Malaga Port:
After leaving the terminal just outside the exit, you will find one of our representatives with your name and Albacars.com Car Hire.sign who will identify himself as an employee of the company. As the time of leaving the cruise ship is not always the same we require clients to call us when they are about to disembark so that we can be there within half an hour.

1. Our prices include

  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Applicable local taxes (VAT).
  • Compulsory insurance with excess.
  • Replacement car in case of accident.
  • No charge for cancellations or changes.
  • Airport service.
  • Emergency Contact service.
  • Road maps.
  1. Our prices do not include
  • Petrol.
  • Optional APT Insurance.
  1. Insurance conditions

Our prices include compulsory insurance for collision & theft with an excess. A deposit of 450€ would be needed as a guarantee against the excess. Prices as follows:

Vehicle groupExcessDeposit
A, B, C, D, & E0 €0 €
F, G, H, & I0 €0 €
J, K, & L0 €0 €

In the event of an accident or damages to the vehicle, you will be charged up to the excess amount.
To waiver the excess and the deposit, you can choose our APT Insurance:

What is covered by our APT insurance:
For a minimum cost our APT Insurance allows you to travel with total peace of mind and with the certain guarantee of no extra costs in case of accident or damage to the car. When taking out the APT insurance there is no excess or deposit to pay.
APT Insurance cost at ALBACARS.COM locations:

Vehicle groupCost per dayMinimumMaximumDeposit
A, B, C, D, & E12 €36 €144 €0 €
F, G, H, & I14 €42 €168 €0 €
J, K, & L16 €48 €192 €0 e

If you decide not to take the additional APT insurance, then we will hold the amount of 450€ on your credit card as a guarantee to cover the excess and any possible damages made to the vehicle.
For payment by debit card you must either pay the deposit of 450€ or take out the APT insurance reducing the deposit to 300€ which will be charged to the card and then returned at the end of the rental.

The COMPULSORY INSURANCE AND APT INSURANCE will be valid as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The customer, in the event of a collision or damage to the vehicle , provides Alocars the full details of the third party and possible witnesses within 48 hours, as well as a completed accident report form (provided by Alocars in every vehicle) signed by the two drivers involved in an accident and/or a police report.
  • The collision, theft, fire, did not take place during unauthorized use.
  1. What is not covered by any insurance.
  • Damage to a third party or to the hire vehicle due to negligence or inappropriate driving.
  • Loss of child seats.
  • Loss or damage to aerials, jack, safety triangles and vests, windscreen wipers, petrol cap, luggage covers, or any other fixed or mobile component of the vehicle.
  • Damage to the engine through negligence.
  • Theft of the vehicle with keys left in the ignition.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle or to persons through driving under the
  • Influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Fines due to breaking traffic laws and regulations during the hire period are the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle. In the event of a fine being received the amount of 30€ administration fee will be incurred.
  • Refueling with the wrong type of petrol.
  • Loss or damage to the keys.
  1. Cancelling or changing your booking
    You can cancel or alter your booking as many times as is necessary, without incurring cancellation charges or any additional cost.
  2. Guaranteed vehicle group
    When you book with Alocars Car Hire, we guarantee the vehicle group requested not the brand or model shown. If the vehicle group requested is not available, Alocars Car Hire will provide you with a vehicle belonging to a higher category group for the same price.
  3. Child seats
    Child seats as well as boosters are manufactured according to European safety standards and are available on request for a daily charge of (see it on the website), up to a maximum of 66 euros per item. Please make sure which kind of seat you require:
Baby seat :0 – 13 Kilos.
Child seat :9 – 25 Kilos.
Booster :16 – 36 Kilos.

For your child’s safety, it is obligatory for children up to 12 years of age or with a height up to 135cms to use an approved safety device corresponding to the height and weight of the child and that this must be placed on the back seat of the car.

GPS. The cost for the rental of a GPS navigation system is 5 € per day with a maximum of 60 € per 28 day rental period. For rentals of 29 days or more, the price is 2 €/day. There will be required a deposit of 100 €.

  1. Driving license requirements
    All drivers must have been in possession of a full EU-valid driving license for a minimum of 1 year. The minimum age of the driver is 21. Clients of 75 years and over must take our full insurance (APT).
    Young drivers between the ages of 21 years to 24 years: 5€ per day, minimum 15€ maximum 70€.
  2. Restrictions
  • Vehicles collected at any of our locations cannot be taken on any ferry between the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and/or the mainland.
  • From our Mainland offices only, vehicles can be taken outside of Spain to Portugal only. CHARGE APPLIES.
  1. Documentation required on collection of the vehicle
    Please remember that on picking up the vehicle you must have with you: your passport or identity card, your driving license, credit card and Albacars.com booking number.
  2. Prices and taxes
    The prices shown on this page are valid subject to error or omission. They are subject to change without notice.
  3. Civil Liability of the lessor
    The Lessor declares that he has taken the necessary precautions to avoid mechanical breakdowns of the hired vehicle, but should they occur, he assumes no responsibility for the direct or indirect damages caused to the Lessee as a result thereof.
    The present contract is ruled by Spanish laws, and in the case where the lessee is in non- agreement, where an amicable resolution is not reachable, and this reaches court, then the court case will take place in the location from where the lessee collected the vehicle, and will be subject to the laws established and in accordance with the express provisions of the current legislation on consumer and lessee rights.
    In the case where the lessee is in non-agreement without collecting the vehicle and this reaches legal measures, then the court case will take place in the location of Albacars.com legal address.

All included

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Airport taxes
  • 24-hours road assistance
  • 2nd driver free
  • Fast delivery at the airport
  • Pay your rent on arrival, Not credit car needed for booking
  • Direct hire (No middleman fees)
  • No fuel rip-off, we do not charge refueling service fee.